Running Laravel in docker environment

Best practices for running Laravel in docker environment.

  1. Run Laravel in separate container with php-fpm image for handling HTTP requests.
  2. Create nginx container that will use the php-fpm container.
  3. Run schedule / workers in separate container using php-cli image.
  4. All log output should be in json - this will enable scrapping the logs.



  • For development LOG_CHANNEL=stderr use .env


For production you want always to use JSON to be able to parse it for ELK or any other setup

  • For development LOG_CHANNEL=docker use .env
  • Update your logging.php
'docker' => [
    'driver' => 'monolog',
    'handler' => StreamHandler::class,
    'formatter' => Monolog\Formatter\JsonFormatter::class,
    'with' => [
        'stream' => 'php://stderr',
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