Place all scopes in your domain in Models\Scopes namespace and always use Scope suffix.

✓ Extend AbstractScope instead of Scope interface

Relation scope

Name your scope With{RelationName}Scope and extend AbstractNestedRelationScope. Place the scope where the "relation" model lives.

AbstractNestedRelationScope helps you to make reusable relation scopes with ability to apply scopes on the relation. Allows you to load a relation and select specified columns, load more relations and others using scope chaining.

The scope works in 2 modes:

  • (default) loads the relation (uses with)
  • (pass useHas: true constructor parameter) filters by the relation (uses whereHas)

Create a scope that can be used with a model that has type relation in the model.



namespace App\Object\Models\Scopes;

use LaraStrict\Database\Scopes\AbstractNestedRelationScope;

class WithObjectScope extends AbstractNestedRelationScope
    protected function getRelationName(): string
        return 'object';

Use the scope in your Query

new WithObjectScope(relationScopes: [
    new SelectScope(['id', 'object_name']),

This example load object relation and selects given attributes.

new WithObjectScope(
    relationScopes: [
        new WhereProviderIds([$providerId]),
    useHas: true

This example filters entries by given object relation that has given provider_id attribute set to given value-

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